Marijuana 101

Returning To Marijuana: Here’s What You Need To Know

Understanding New Potency & Consumption Options for Patients Returning To Marijuana

By Naomi C. Abrams
Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, and its popularity is at an all-time high (pun intended). For patients returning to marijuana after a few years or more, there is much to learn.
Today’s medical marijuana is far more potent than the marijuana of a few years ago, let alone decades ago.
Patients are advised to ease back into using medical marijuana products so that they can control their experience and slowly build up their tolerance.
Let’s take a look at what you need to know if you’re returning to using marijuana after some time.

What Is A Good Way To Ease Back Into Enjoying Marijuana?

Whether years have passed since you’ve explored marijuana options, or even if you have never tried the plant before, it’s always best to start with a low dose and gradually work your way up. You can always increase your dosage later if need be.
There are various methods of medicating, ranging from flower to vape cartridges to sublingual drops, and more.
You’ll want to be in the comfort of your own home, or with close friends, and start slowly. The experience will be more pleasant if you don’t suddenly overwhelm your body with a high dose of THC.
It is best to start with one to two short puffs (around 3 seconds)
For those who don’t wish to smoke, a vape cartridge is a great alternative.

How Is Today’s Marijuana Different?

Today’s marijuana is much more potent and effective than that of previous decades. For example, the average THC level in marijuana in the 1980s was below 10%. Today, whole flowers can have THC levels as high as 30%. You can even purchase medical marijuana products that carry more than 80% THC (such as concentrates).