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Advanced Marijuana


PAX Era Life

Welcome to the newest and sleekest design by PAX. The PAX ERA LIFE provides you with an easy way to get the most out of your extracted oil pods by utilizing True Temp technology to ensure that you get consistent dosing in every draw. Another great feature is its compact and efficient battery, which can average more than 150 puffs per charge, and the floral LED battery indicator will give you the heads up when it’s ready for a recharge.


On-Demand Draw

Instant-on, no button necessary

Low Heat Technology

For a much safer, full-flavor, never burnt experience without compromise

Long-Lasting Battery Life

At least 150 draws for Era Life and 250 for Era Pro

Simple Flavor and Vapor Settings

Just use your pod to switch between 4 temperature settings for best flavor and vapor

1-Year Limited Warranty

Not that you’ll need it


Find the right color to match your vibe

Era Pod Compatibility

Any pod you buy will work with either Era device